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We have been alembic makers for 15 years and propose “Charentais” alembics, water bath alembics and column alembics.


Our alembic creations are possible, from 20 litres to 1000 litres.


Achatalambic also proposes the delivery of your alembic in mainland France.  

Our alembics are of superior quality, the copper is 1 millimeter on the walls and 1.5 millimeters on the vat bottom. Our products are currently the market’s most qualitative items.

Enjoy your visit of our site.

Our Alembics is a site proposing copper alembics of all sizes from 20 litres to up to 1000 litres.

Our copper alembics are made artisanally. If you wish to distill essential oils with a standard alembic or a water bath alembic, order to buy your alembic on Achat Alambic.
We are also able to make a column alembic with a custom-made cooler.

If you would like to buy an alembic or obtain information on distilling essential oils, go to our “information” page. All of our alembics are copper and have a bottom length of 1.5 millimeters and a 1 millimeter wall length.

If you have a specific need for the creation of a custom-made alembic or a custom-made water bath alembic, contact us by email or by phone.
The purchase of a Charentais alembic, a copper alembic with a column or a water bath alembic is send directly to our manufacturer and sent under approximately four weeks. Buying a copper alembic requires knowledge of the rules in place in your country (Belgium, France, Canada, Portugal, Spain, etc…).

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