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The Alembics

The story behind the word « alembic »

The word « alembic » comes from the Arabic language, al 'inbïq. This term has itself been derived from Greek. The first traces of invention of alembics were found in Mesopotamia by the Egyptian population. Copper alembics were born in 3500 BC.
These alembics were used in the context of the creation of essential oils or perfume as well as medicine and liquor. Some alembics also allowed for the production of fermented fruit juice.



 What is the composition of an alembic?

The traditional alembic is composed of four parts.
- The body or heater where the liquid to be distilled is found. This vat is heated directly on a foyer or serves as a water bath.
- The swan neck is the column (sometimes shaped like a swan neck) which brings the vapours into the condensor.
- The head covers the copper heater and is composed of a tube in which the vapours are going to find themselves through the heat effect.
- The coil is the helical tube on whose walls the vapours condense through the cooling effect due to the liquid circling around.



 What is the legislation on alembics ?

French legislation is very firm on the use and possession of an alembic. For this, find out on the site légifrance.


About us


Alembicpurchases is a site for alembic sales. Our manufacture is done in Portugal at Braga. Alembicpurchases proposes artisanally manufactured alembics for sale.

We create copper alembics from 20 litres to 1000 litres, in copper and stainless steel, Charentais, water bath or with column. We can also manufacture a custom-made alembic. For this, consult our section “Custom-made alembic”.


Do you want to buy an alembic? Contact us by email or by phone on 07 56 85 58 10 from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 8pm.

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