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The pro and amateur distillation modes


It is very rare to find people that can still give themselves the right to avoid distillation taxes when they do very little alcohol, even in a family sense, with an artisanally made alembic. Since a few decades, all harvesters, even amateurs, have the right to “boil” and to make their fruit ferment to make alcohol or liqueur. They benefit from quite an important discount that corresponds to 50% on “excise duty”.


Charentaise distillation


Charentaise distillation is a distillation process also called “charentais”. It is the operating mode to make cognac. This Charentaise distillation is quite particular because it is done in two times, also called “two passes”: the first heating aims to extract all the alcohol contained in the wine to obtain a “brouillis” with about 30% of the alcohol volume.
For this, we sell Charentais alembics. The second pass or second heating aims to concentrate the degree of alcohol said “by head” and “by tail” aiming to keep only the main part and exonerate itself from bad alcohol and other disagreeable flavours.


Fine Faugères and liqueurs


Matured about 5 years in oaken barrels, the Fine Faugères is a liqueur coming from the same region in the Hérault. Recognized for its quality it is also known as “third liqueur in France”. To this day you can find liqueurs or Fine Faugères more than 10 years old to sample with pleasure !


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