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Buying an alembic in Dijon, Franche Comté or in the Jura. proposes alembics at Clermont-Ferrand and in other towns in France. Discover a large range of alembics from 20 litres to 1000 litres made by hand. We can deliver our copper alembics to the towns of Clermont Ferrand, Annecy, Dijon, Poitiers and Besançon. You wish to create an alembic to distill at home, your wish has always been to have your home alembic and to create your alcohol as well as your liqueurs. Contact us directly to make your order. Achat Alambic is an internet site based in Portugal and makes its alambics artisanally.

We put our know-how to your disposal. Nous mettons notre savoir faire à votre service. The sale of alembics or the purchase of alembics in France is possible under certain conditions fixed by the laws of your country. Buying an alembic in Dijon, Annecy or Besançon is possible because we propose quick and cheap delivery. Some call in alembic, others alambique…Call your copper alembic as you wish and learn how to distill like a pro.

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